Von der Bey Consulting: Championing people!

Coaching and consulting solutions tailored to your needs. We make people and organisations more successful!

Von der Bey Consulting, based in Munich, offers high-quality coaching and consulting solutions. We work nationally and, due to our expertise, we are also happy to work in international and intercultural environments.

In the field of consulting we have specialised in People & Organisational Development, HR and Business Consulting.


In addition to coaching people in organisations, I also offer coaching to private clients. Ever more people are recognising that goals can be achieved more quickly, easily and consistently if you have an experienced sparring partner at your side. It is not just in sport that top performances are inconceivable without coaching.

Training courses

In addition to coaching, I also offer targeted training courses and workshops on selected subjects to private clients. The focus in coaching is on the ability to develop your own solutions with the support of the coach. By contrast, in my training and consulting offerings, I train specific knowledge and develop essential skills for your success.

People & Organizational Development

In the field of People & Organisational Development we offer needs assessments and the implementation of training courses from a single source. We specialise in training and developing the professional skills of employees. We offer training courses, workshops and advanced training programmes that we design, implement and conduct tailored to your needs.

HR Consulting

In the field of HR Consulting, we advise and support clients on specific personnel-related issues. This may involve setting a strategic course in HR, or it may involve consulting in a specific individual case. We often work with HR departments, but we also advise organisations without their own HR department and provide support as an external service provider.