In addition to coaching and consulting, Dr. Werner von der Bey is also active in other areas.

Coaching Concepts

Dr von der Bey is a partner in the consultancy Coaching Concepts that specialises in advanced training. Together with the experts from Coaching Concepts we are in an ideal position to take on larger commissions. We can also turn to experts if we have to deal with subjects that are not in our core skills. The great advantage for you: You have one contact person, we take care of everything else in terms of organization for you!

“We make people strong in order to make companies successful!“

This is the principle according to which the trainers, consultants and coaches of the quality brand Coaching Concepts work together. The collective approach is based on the following three pillars:

Together with our clients, we aspire for ambitious goals. To achieve them, we develop strategies and methodologies together.

We strengthen people so that they can achieve the organisation’s goals and change the organisation so that the people can become strong.

The effect is an increase in performance and commitment. People and the organisation implement their goals.

For each of the three phases, we develop a customised procedure together with our clients, so that they can achieve their goals both effectively and in a people-oriented way.


von der Bey Consulting donates to the WWF every six months. The WWF is committed to nature conservation and environmental protection, and sustainable business. Harmonising progress and environmental awareness is the major task for our future. I am sure that we will master this challenge. I want to contribute to this.


I have been a member of the BPM for many years. The Bundesverband der Personalmanager (BPM) [Federal Association of HR Mangers] is the leading professional association for HR managers from companies, associations and other organisations. Together with its members, the BPM develops a guiding principle for the profession and contributes to its professionalisation, qualification and internationalisation. The Association is committed to recognised training standards and helps to promote exchanges within the profession – even across national borders.