Consulting for companies

In the field of consulting we have specialised in People & Organisational Development, HR and Business Consulting.

People & Organisational Development

Our passion is for people who work in organisations and make them special. We are convinced that happy and efficient employees make successful organisations. They are the actual champions. We have set ourselves the goal of making your employees more satisfied and efficient with customised offerings. We want to encourage them. We therefore offer a wide variety of highly topical learning content. In our training courses, workshops and seminars, we teach your employees key knowledge while ensuring the sustainable development of relevant skills. We not only conduct the advanced training of your employees, but also support you in identifying your needs, and in designing and carrying out advanced training courses. We carry out the training of your employees personally and, with our formats, ensure an effective transfer of knowledge in practice.

Our core skill is to make people better at what they do. We have years of experience in developing people in organisations. We offer our formats in classic on-site training courses as well as digital or hybrid formats. When implementing larger projects, von der Bey Consulting works together with the renowned training and consulting organisation Coaching Concepts, in which Dr von der Bey is a partner.

Examples of our offerings might be:

  • Leadership Development
  • Personal Development
  • Sales Training
  • Design Thinking Workshops
  • Theory U


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HR Consulting

Due to his successful work in various HR leadership positions, Dr von der Bey also offers advice on selected questions in Human Resources. Here, we advise HR departments on strategic issues, support implementation or get involved where specific individual cases have to be solved. Thanks to his legal background, his entrepreneurial spirit and his expertise in technical matters, Dr von der Bey can view HR challenges from all relevant angles and find optimum solutions.

In addition to advice and support for specialist HR departments we also advise and support small and medium-sized organisations without their own HR department. For example, we will support you in matters of personal development, strategic recruiting, the introduction of best practices or in international challenges. Thanks to our targeted deployment, we are an optimum solution in terms of costs. Share your challenges with us and gain a trustworthy partner for your HR work!

Business Consulting

In the field of business consulting, we support small and medium-sized organisations and individual entrepreneurs in matters relating to management and strategy. This may include questions relating to business structure, making strategic decisions or basic leadership and organisational questions. In this field, too, we enjoy working in international environments, but not exclusively. Let us find out in an initial consultation whether we are the right partner for you.